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"A definite crowd pleaser!"
-Walt Disney Resorts-

This one man, silent comedy performance, is great for any occasion. Funeeestuff is a fun, high-energy comedy, packed with lots of laughs, ridiculous predicaments, and absolutely no words.

When the audience gets involved, anything can happen (and often does).
Have your boss, employee of the month, or office nuisance, become the star of the show. When Rob Torres brings them on stage, no one knows what will happen next, but it's guaranteed to be fun. Your employees will love it. They'll be laughing about the show around the water cooler for weeks.

Preview Rob Torres' Funeeestuff video
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YouTube video
3:38 minutes

Although this show can be performed almost anywhere (indoor or outdoor), it looks best in a performance area of at least 10’ x 20’ with a ceiling height of at least 15’.

Also available for:
Atmosphere Entertainment

While your guests are having dinner, why not have Rob join them? With a variety of characters designed to entertain without intruding, everyone can enjoy their meal and watch a live sit-com unfold before them. The perfect seasoning for your dinner.

Additional shows:

- Theatre
- Variety Shows/ Circus
- Colleges
- Cruise Ships
- Festivals


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